Top Ten Facts about Wakeboard

Published: 26th September 2011
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Wakeboarding is a surface water sporting activity that was introduced in the late 1980s. It has came forth after the advancement of ski boarding, that is now widely known as snowboarding. The sport requires riding a wakeboard and allowing for it to run over the top of water at top speed. This sport is intense and it calls for talent, skill, and know-how as a way to excel. If you are a starter and want to learn and excel at the sport, it is vital that you are familiar with everything that covers it - from its beginnings to the basic techniques of wakeboarding. Here I will discuss top ten facts that you should know about the sport...

1. Wakeboarding was initially released in the 1980s. In the beginning, it had many name versions that include "skurfing" from Scotland, "skurf board" in Queensland Australia, and later the names SSS, "Wake-snake", and "surf ski" from the US.

2. The name "wakeboarding" was created by Paul Frasser. He is also the one who announced the concept and design along with his brother Murray and a Pro snowboarder.

3. The World Skiboard Association was founded in 1989 and it was in Island of Kauai, Hawaii that the 1st World Skiboard Championships was held.

4. Wakeboarding game began popping up in the early 1990s until it was added as a competitive sport in X Games II. Eventually, the World Skiboard Association was re-named to now the World Wakeboard Association (WWA).

5. Wakeboarding was organised by the International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (IWWF)and was officially made part of the World Games in 2005.

6. Wakeboarding was is based on the mixture of snowboarding, surfing, and water skiing tactics.

7. Wakeboarders are towed at the rear of motorboats at top level rates of about 17-24 miles sper hour. But this depends on the water condition, riderís weight, size of the board, and the riderís comfort speed.

8. Wakeboards are normally designed to be buoyant and are ordinarily made of honeycomb, foam, along with resin and coated with fibreglass. Bindings are affixed thru metal screws. The configuration and positioning of fins and bindings are changeable may vary based upon on the riderís preference.

9. The wakeboarder is typically towed by a motorboat. But he can also be towed by other means including closed-course cables, PWCs, trucks or cars, winches and ATVs.

10. The best way to move or cut outside the wake, the rider utilizes edging techniques. Jumps are executed by striking the wake and launching the board into the air. The ability to ride the wakeboard is a challenge. Using edging techniques, riders are able to ride or cut the wake without having falling or submerging into the waters.

These facts only reveal the rich advancement of wakeboarding sport. With the merged efforts and attempts of wakeboard lovers, they are able to make and launch a surface water sport that has captured the interest of many who want a new taste of exciting water sport experience. For those who are actively joining with any kind of extreme sports but hasnít tried wakeboarding yet, the best way forward is to try it! It is a laudable sport that hones discipline, determination, dedication, and drive.

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